An Overview of our Metal Finishing Processes

High Performance Metal Finishing does more than just a metal finish, we offer a wide array of metal process services.

Most mechanical finishing systems can smear, bend, or stress the metal surface to achieve a smooth polished surface. In severe cases it might fracture the metals surface. Our stainless steel electropolishing removes metal from the surface leaving no surface pattern. It is free from occlusions and stress, leaving it highly reflective and microscopically smooth. A truly superior benefit of electropolishing is that bacteria cannot multiply on a surface that has been electropolished because electropolishing makes the part devoid of hydrogen and the surface will show no directional lines.

Passivation is used to prevent the corrosion of stainless steel because although it is naturally corrosion-resistant, it is not impervious to rust. This process improves the quality of the metal by fortifying it and preserving the appearance. Passivation is highly beneficial to the fact that it removes free iron, creates a passive oxide layer preventing further oxidation, and cleans the part.

High Performance Metal Finishing utilizes Media Blasting in a variety of ways to ensure that your parts match the specifications you need. Media blasting is the best way to prepare your metal for industrial coat paintings. There are a multitude of benefits to powder coating, including a quicker curing time and no VOC emissions.

Powder coating also provides a thicker coating than conventional liquid coatings so it will not run or sag like those with liquid carriers and it produces a more even appearance between horizontal and vertically coated surfaces.

The removal of surface contaminants in the Aluminum Cleaning Process is crucial for optimization of the metal. It promotes superior quality and corrosion resistance in aluminum. The cleaning process of aluminum is like that of stainless steel. All technicians wear Tyvec suits and ambidextrous gloves to ensure your product is free from contaminants.

Degreasing a part is a critical component in the metal finishing process. Without the proper cleaning prior to processing, the parts’ quality dramatically declines. At our facility, we know the importance of thoroughly cleaning every part to ensure the highest quality of processing and continue to exceed the standards of our industry