Professional Metal Finishing Services

High Performance Metal Finishing provides services in: Electropolishing, passivation, pickling, weld descaling, aluminum cleaning, on-site passivation, packaging, media blasting, priming/painting, and industrial coatings.

From our initial quote to the processing, our cutting-edge facility and team are ready to serve you.  Specializing in large part processing, we are proud to offer our 10’ x 10’ x 10’ and 10’ x 10’ x 20’ processing tanks for your larger parts with our heavy duty, overheard cranes that assist in proper handling.  Although, our specialization is in larger parts, we provide small part processing as well. Our typical processing time is three to five days, and if requested, we can do even quicker turnaround times. In addition to our processing, we offer a 7200 sq. ft. Clean Room to keep the parts dust free and an 1800 sq. ft. Class 100 Clean Room inside the 7200 sq. ft. Clean Room for those parts with higher purification requirements.

High Performance Metal Finishing Inc. has made a large investment in its environmental responsibilities.  We are compliant with the stringent environmental guidelines such as The U.S. Clean Water Act which is one of our many top priorities.