Powder Coating Service for Various Applications

High Performance Metal Finishing can provide effective powder coating service for just about any application you can think of. Not only does powder coating give a great aesthetic look to the item being painted, but it also provides a tough outer layer that will protect the metal against scratches and chips. This process involves electrostatic coating that is cured under heat for a beautiful surface on every project. In today’s post, we will look at just a few applications that are perfect for powder coating service.

Coat Steel for Construction Aesthetics

Steel is used in construction for a number of purposes, like railings and staircases. Over time, the finish on these items will wear away from normal use. By covering these steel items with powder coating, not only will they pop with color, but they will be protected for years against normal wear and tear.

Extra Protection for Car Parts

Car parts, especially external ones, face a great amount of abuse driving down Michigan roads…even more so during the winter months with the fierce weather and all the salt the road crews spread for de-icing. Powder coated parts will resist the type of corrosion that slowly destroys parts that have not been coated.

Longevity for Household Appliances

People expect their refrigerators, washing machines, and other household appliances to last for years, Those investments can be properly protected with powder coated surfaces. Many people take for granted how even simple fingerprints can contribute to the erosion of metal surfaces. By covering these surfaces with powder coating, you get added protection against normal corrosion.

Protect Your Bike Frame

Bikes are significant investments that are frequently exposed to the elements. Without proper protection, your bike frame can begin corroding, which can eventually affect the strength of the bike. By getting effective powder coating for your bike, your frame will get an added layer of protection to prolong the life of the bike.

Superior Protection for Farm Equipment

Most farm equipment like plows and tractors are out in the dirt and the sun all day every day. This makes them more vulnerable to rust and corrosion. By powder coating this equipment, you get a strong layer of protection that will keep your machinery working hard for decades.

No matter what sort of powder coating project you have, you can count on the professionals at High Performance Metal Finishing to complete the work with a high standard of quality. Contact us and let us know how we can help you today!