Quality Electropolishing Service in Kalamazoo

Since 2007, High Performance Metal Finishing has been providing customers throughout the Kalamazoo area with superior electropolishing services for aesthetic and functionality applications. Whether you are using 200, 300, 400, Al6xn, or other types of stainless steel, our proven process will create a mirror finish on your steel by bringing nickel and chrome to the surface. Read further for more information about the process we use to ensure a perfect finish on your metal parts and surfaces.

Get Superior Results from Our Proven Process

The proprietary electropolishing process used by High Performance Metal Finishing features a specially designed tank, similar to our electroplating and anodizing processes. We employ the same routine for every project to ensure a high standard of quality and consistency, starting with mounting any parts on a rack or jig, making it easier to move them from tank to tank.

We Prepare the Metal to Remove Contaminants

High Performance Metal Finishing takes the time to ensure that every project is done right the first time. This starts by ensuring that the metal surface is completely free of any sort of contaminants like oils, dirt, fingerprints, or anything else that could potentially cause imperfections in the metal surface. Depending on the contaminants, we may use acid soak cleaning, solvent immersion, vapor, alkaline cleaning, or other processes to make sure that the metal surface is completely clean before we can start the electropolishing process.

With the metal surface properly prepared, we can begin with the process of electropolishing the metal which will result in a smooth, bright surface which will be free of burrs. By properly completing this process, your metal can benefit from reduced friction, corrosion resistance, stress relief, and hygienic cleaning.

We Complete the Finishing Touches for the Best Possible Results

After we have completed the electropolishing process, we take the time to remove any chemical residue or by-products left on the surface. Not only will this leave the surface in a perfect state, but it also helps with the drying process. From there, we will move the metal into our clean room, which will allow the metal to dry thoroughly without the possibility of the surface finish being ruined with any contamination.

With more than 15 years of experience, High Performance Metal Finishing has the tools and experience to complete any electropolishing project with the highest standard of quality in the industry. Contact us and let us know about the electropolishing service you need.