The Importance of Media Blasting

At High Performance Metal Finishing, we utilize of variety of different cleaning and pre-cleaning methods for our metal. We use media blasting to smooth and shape rough surfaces, as well as removing any contaminants from the metal. Media blasting is the best way to ready metal before its additional processes. When powder coating and other industrial coat paintings, we use media blasting as a part of our pre-clean first so that the paint properly cures on the metal without any abrasions showing through.

Our Media Blasting Process

We are equipped with an array of blasting equipment, including blast cabinets and a large blast room. Prior to media blasting, we do a metal prep where we mask off any components that need to be protected from the blast so that we do not damage these spots. High Performance Metal Finishing specializes in multiple blast techniques such as glass bead and sand. After media blasting, we can re-dust and strip off old paint to prep for powder coating or painting if you desire. After all the processes, we keep the parts safe in our clean room so that they do not get contaminated. We blast stainless steel, carbon, steel, aluminum, and any other alloy that requires blasting.

Benefits of Media Blasting

Media Blasting metal provides a multitude of benefits for the metal such as brightening of its surface, removing abrasions, rust, and corrosion removal, smoothing of the surface, and damage prevention. It also gives the metal a higher level of quality and it the most efficient method of metal preparation. Removing these contaminants such as oils, lubricants, shop dirt, oxides, and fingerprints from the metal’s surface allows other processes to better grip onto the metal – like powder coating and wet coat painting.

Powder Coating and Wet Coat Painting

High Performance Metal Finishing’s powder coating metal finish is a free-flowing, dry powder that we apply electrostatically and cure under heat. We apply this type of paint to surfaces that need to be tougher than conventional paint because it leaves a harder surface.

Wet Coat Painting is the traditional metal finishing process that involves liquid paint being put on the metal using a pressurized spray. We use this process with metals that need a glossy sheen added to their finish.

If you are interested in High Performance Metal Finishing’s media blasting, powder coating, wet coat painting, or any of our other processes. Please reach out to us via our contact page or phone number at (269) 327-8897.