What Objects Benefit from Powder Coating?

There are a variety of objects in the world that benefit from powder coating. Any industry where a product will face much wear and tear, powder coating can help to provide durability and longevity to the product. Powder coating is a durable layer added that is, itself, resistant to wear such as scratches, chips, cuts, and more.

High Performance Metal Finishing provides powder coating for different products by applying dry powder electrostatically, then curing under heat. Many industries and products benefit from this process, and some of them include:

Steel for Construction

Architectural steel used in construction such as staircases or railings benefit from powder coating because they often see much foot traffic. Powder coating can give a layer of protection to help them last longer, despite contact use.

Car parts

Car parts such as rims can benefit from powder coating because vehicles frequently face wear and tear from the road. This is especially true for vehicles here in the Midwest, where powder coating can prevent corrosion caused by winter road salt on rims and undercarriages.

Household appliances

Household appliances such as refrigerators, laundry machines, or even metal tables are good candidates for powder coating. Appliances see daily or weekly use, which normally wears on them greater than it would otherwise if they are covered with powder coating. Kitchenware can be a big investment, so it is important for customers to know that theirs has good protection.

The best bikes

Bike frames are another great option for powder coating because they often are often, facing the elements. This helps them to resist corrosion and wear and tear while on the road or trails, but it also removes the need for solvents that are used it products like paint, meaning it can also be a greener option that liquid paint to decorate a bike frame.

Farm equipment

Not only does farm equipment face a lot of use daily, but much of it is often left outside as well, meaning it needs good protection from the sun. Powder coating provides a cover for both issues, helping it to last as long as possible, making for an easier workload.

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